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Member's Corner

6 may 2020


Members' only — breakfast is served


Member's corner is a monthly discussion, presentation or conservation about a subject brought up by one of our members. 

Open Friday Bar

31 January 2020


For members, members' friends & family


We are inviting all members and members’ friends and collaborators for drinks, music and conversation.

Members' Christmas Party

6 December 2019


For members only


Christmas dinner, entertainment, drinks & dance.

Open Friday Bar

25 October 2019


Open for everyone


You are invited  with friends, co-workers and collaborators for conversation, drinks and dance. We hope to see  you! .

Art Opening Sebastian Ploug Christensen: 

Relatable paintings 01

26 September 2019,


Open for everyone


Nomad Workspace is pleased to present a solo exhibition ‘Relatable Paintings 01’ by artist Sebastian Ploug Christensen curated by Jens-Peter Brask. 

Sebastian’s visual universe appears gloomy and dark, but on closer inspection of his chaotic and expressive paintings, the humor and colors show up for the spectator. The mix of the dark and cheerful creates a particular artistic expression who one can relate to. 

Members' Corner

19 June 2019, 8.30-9

Members only, breakfast is served


Member's corner is a monthly discussion, presentation or conservation about a subject brought up by one of our members. This time the team behind Nomad is in charge of the agenda, where they will present future plans for Nomad Workspace. Skip breakfast at home and join us for conversation, coffee and breakfast.

3 Days of Design

23-25 May 2019

Open for everyone


DAWN exhibition will be carefully curated, creating a platform that shows the diversity of design, talents and trends. The exhibition derives from the urge to create as well as the desire to support new design and entrepreneurship.

Stay updated on DAWN here.

3 Days of Design


23 May 2019, 9-10

By invitation only


Transforming an objective, a theme, a thought into texture and taste, flavour and form bringing people together.
Curator Natalia Sanchez tells the DAWN story, food artist Augusta Sørensen sets the scene.

Stay updated on DAWN here.

Rosé tasting at the terrace

26 April 2019, 15.30-18

For members , friends & family 

Behind the tasting is rosé.dk. The company is founded by three friends who will bring some lovely bottles and tell about their passion for rosé wine from Provence.

Members' Corner 

10 April 2019, 14-14.30

For members only

Member's corner is a monthly discussion, presentation or conversation about a subject brought up by one of our members. This time Michael from Quadric will tell us a little about their new project: feats. Feats is a community of people helping each other get credit for their roles in projects, from products and apps to architecture and campaigns.

Design Hotels™ Copenhagen Exchange!

12 March 2019

For members and by special invitation only.    


Design Hotels™ is happy to invite you to the first zero waste hotel event in Scandinavia! We have partnered with .506 who will supply and spoil us with their outstanding food creations and explain, why a sustainable approach is inevitable.

Nomad Christmas Party

7 December 2018

Members only


Tour de Chambre, dinner, drinks and dance. For members only. 

Open Friday Bar

12 October 2019, 17-22

Open for everyone


Join us for drinks, conversation and maybe a bit of dancing.

3 year birthday friday bar

6 March 2020


For members, members' friends & family


We are inviting all members and members’ friends and collaborators for drinks, music and conversation.

Cozy afternoon before Christmas

20 December 2019

From 14.00

For members only


Join us in the café for gløgg, æbleskiver, beer and wine.

Christmas Family Afternoon

30 November 2019


For members and members' family and friends 


The Christmas Family Afternoon is a good opportunity for members to show their family and friends  where they are spending most of their time during a week. The café will be offering æbleskiver, white and red gløgg as well as other Christmas delights and together everyone will decorate the Christmas tree.

Members' Corner

2 October 2019,


Members only  — breakfast is served at 8:00


Member's corner is a monthly discussion, presentation or conservation about a subject brought up by one of our members. At the next Members’ Corner  we have the pleasure of listening to Jakob Møller Beck’s talk The Future of Work is Human. It’s going to be a fun, inspiring and practical talk about the human factor of business in the 21st century. This time we will already begin with breakfast at 08.00 and from 08.20/30 Jakob will begin his talk. 

Nomad Street Golf

30 August 2019,


Members only — sign up in the café


Street golf is an alternative version of golf, being played with soft balls in the streets. Nomad and adpassion invites to the official Nørrebro Streetgolf tournament. It is important to emphasize that you do NOT require any golfing skills, and if you have ever played mini golf, you are well away.  Read more here.

Members Summer Party

14June 2019, 17-02

Members only


Dinner on the terrace, drinks in the evening sun & dance untill your feet become sore.

3 Days of Design


24 May 2019, 17-21

Open for everyone


Join us for drinks, music and conversation celebrating inspiring new creations, acts of transformation and a fresh way of thinking. 

Stay updated on DAWN here.

Music in the Dark

27 April 2019

Open for everyone


Come and experience Music in the Dark during this year's 48 Timer Festival!


VINKkbh invites you to three different dark-concerts at Nomad Workspace, where the music truly will be at the center.


Explore the depths of both the music and the darkness, and experience the sensuousness of the obscure, while local artists from Nørrebro play intimate concerts in the invisible.

Kl. 13:00 // 1st concert
Kl. 16:00 // 2nd concert
Kl. 19:00 // 3rd concert

Nomad Workspace x Depanneur Friday Bar 

12 April 2019, 16-21

Open for everyone

More information here


We are so pleased to invite you all to the opening of our new terrace. We are lucky that Depanneur will co-host this event and serve their lovely Aperativo concept. They will do as the Italians do, serving a pre-dinner ‘happy hour’ featuring various Italian drinks and snacks. We are looking forward to seeing you in the afternoon and evening sun.

Happy Anniversary Nomad Workspace 

15 March 2019

For members and by special invitation only.    


Join us in celebration of our 2nd anniversary! We are so happy to announce that the dj Sexy Lazer is going to play his lovely tunes and Depanneur will make sure you can get a little something to eat between the drinks.

Nomad x Brask

7 February 2019, 17-19

For members, friends  and family of Nomad Workpace


Join us for an evening of art and inspiration when Jens-Peter Brask shares details of the artists featured at Nomad Workspace.

Rhetoric and personal impact

14 November 2018, 17-18

Members and by special invitation only


Nomad Workspace invites you to a lecture on rhetoric and personal impact with Kasper Kent. Kasper is an advisory rhetoric at Rhetor rhetor.dk. In daily life, he helps people become more convincing and to present better when they take the stage.Kasper teaches presentation techniques, storytelling and pitching. In addition, he writes talks for professionals and directors and coaches leaders in getting more impact - both from the pulpit and in the meeting room.

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