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About Nomad Workspace

In 1858, the Blegdamvej prison was inaugurated. The prison replaced “Blåtårn” (Blue Tower) by the Frederiksholm canal, which had among others been used to store disobedient dancers and actors from the Royal Theater. The prison was designed by one of the greatest architect M. G. Bindesbøll, who was also the mastermind behind the beautiful Thorvaldsens Museum. At the time the prison was built it was situated comfortably outside the city boarders, but in the following years Copenhagen grew and the prison became a part of the city.

in 1860 the prison was extended with a court and a courthouse, designed in the same neoclassic style as the prison with plastered facades and large distinctive pillars. The idea was that the prisoners should be able to move directly to prison after receiving their sentence. Due to a court reform, the court moved out of the building in 2013 and current owner Hans Peter Hertz acquired the building with the vision of turning it into a vibrant and personal co-workspace located  in one of the most diverse areas of Copenhagen.


With the help of architect Natalia Sanchez, Nomad Workspace opened  its doors in March 2016. Natalia Sanchez’s design approach is externally inspired and internally driven, largely informed by a great passion for culture and craftsmanship. Innovative layers of colours, texture and function defines the beautiful historical environment at Nomad Workspace. Nomad Workspace is consequently a Scandinavian interpretation of the international co-workspace: modern and colourful yet understated. 

Nomad Workspace currently offers 2,500 sqm. of professional workspace in a combination of private and open office space areas, work lounge, café, common & community areas, meeting facilities and event space. The philosophy of Nomad Workspace is to welcome individuals and teams who appreciate creativity, innovation and drive. It is a conscious decision by the owner and the Nomad team, not to focus on any particular branch or industry, but rather welcome all types of teams and individuals that appreciate what the workspace has to offer. The consequence is a diversified community consisting of more than 60 companies involved in strategic communication, finance, tech, graphical/web/interior designer, film, etc.   


Nomad workspace will continue developing and moving forward. Design, service and having the right team will continue to be our focus, in order to inspire and motivate our members and visitors.

Nomad Workspace, Det gamle Domhus, kontorfællesskab
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