Our fully serviced reception and café is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. We will welcome you and serve food and beverages while you are waiting for a meeting, socialising or just enjoying the relaxed and inspiring environment. The café is open to both members and non-members of Nomad Workspace.

Nomad Café





Cinnamon swirl    


Overnight oats & chia with 

homemade granola & seasonal 


Skyr with homemade granola & 

seasonal compote & honey    


Ølands-bun or rye bread 

with butter & cheese            

— Pesto  

— jam 

— soft boiled egg 

Rye bread with avocado & 

pickled onions                

— Pesto 

— soft boiled egg  




Ølandsbun with: 


Serrano ham, salad, pesto, comté 

cheese, pickled onions        


Salmon, Salad, cream cheese 

& pickled onions


Baked beets, salad, pickled 

onions, mozzarella & dijonnaise



Fresh salad


Pointed cabbage, red cabbage, 

beluga lentils, pickled onions, 

feta cheese, baked beets, almonds, 

parsley & dressing

— Pesto  

— avocado  


Saltet almonds / mixed nuts        


Sea salt chips                 

Homemade chocolate chip cookie    


Toasted ølandsbread with olive oil    


Olives with anchovies            


Sardines in olive oil            

served with bread & lemon


Anchovies in olive oil            

served with bread & lemon

All prices are in danish kroner.

See the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's latest smiley assessment of Nomad Workspace Café at findsmiley.dk   





Espresso double

Cortado double

Flat white


Cappuccino single/double


Latte single/double


Ice latte


Pot of tea


Hot Chocolate


Oat milk 


Whipped cream 

Cold drinks

Sparkling water 0,5 l.  /1,0 l.  


Organic apple or orange  juice


Coca Cola/Coca Cola Zero


Sparkling lemonade 

Elderflower or rhubarb



Ginger Beer

Sandwich & salad combo